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Your Wedding Website


Most wedding websites today are filled with ads, pop-ups and distractions. None of these things are there for you, your family & your friends benefit. They are there so these wedding websites can cater to advertisers and other interests. We do not follow this practice. Our wedding websites are designed to be all about you, your family and your friends! To make this part of your wedding planning as much to enjoy as your wedding day itself.

What makes our wedding websites so different?


Websites are totally free of charge

Other websites have hidden fees and charges.You will never be charged one cent for any services provided under our free website offer!

Simple to set-up, just answer a few questions

Why design and create a website from scratch? Our wedding websites are completely designed with little to do except enter your wedding information. All controlled through an easy to understand interface. Every aspect of the site is covered with video and pictorials instructions.

You control your website

We never control or limit you with what information you can put on your site. Just meet our decency policy and you are good to go!

Totally interactive To-Do List

The To-Do List is fully setup and starts at one year before your wedding. That is not even the best part…It is fully interactive! You can change or add things to do. You can write notes for yourself within each To-Do item. Never loose information again. It is all in one secure place.

Interactive & responsive RSVP system

Our RSVP system can be changed to meet all your requirements. Your guests enter the rsvp information on-line and all the information is stored in one place. It can also be exported to be used in a spreadsheet. In addition to collecting things like; meal, drink,dessert choices, it can ask if they are attending the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception or maybe a Send off brunch.You might want to know where guests are staying to assist in communications. Basically, you can ask your guests just about anything you feel you will need to know.

Ready to go Keep in Touch Email System

your email system is also controlled through your website. You will not need to use outside email servers to stay in touch with your family members and friends.

No advertisements

Unlike other free wedding websites, we provide your website with “NO” advertisements. You have a super clean website that is just about you. The only information other than yours is our company data.

No Pop-Up ads or announcements

There are “NO” Pop-Up announcements or ads ever on your website. We do not like these annoying ads and we know you don’t like them either.

Your own blog

Interact with all your friends and family, even if they are not attending your wedding.

Social media ready

Easily post information like wedding information, comments, blog posts and images to your favorite social media directly from your website. Your family and friends will also be able to spread the word and share your information within their social media.

Photo Gallery

We offer three galleries for you to upload photos to. You control what the descriptions are and we have no limit or expire date. You can post your wedding photos here months after your wedding is over!

Support System

We are always here to help. Our support system is built into your website. Any issues or problems you have will be quickly addressed

Your own Wedding Registry contained in your website

Would it be nice to have your wedding registry in one place and you actually have 100% control of it. It does exist here! Your registry is contained within your website and your family members and guests will never be re-directed to other websites to purchase wedding gifts.

No fees for Cash Gifts made through registry

While many sites charge a fee for cash gifts….we DO NOT. Any family member or friend who chooses to send a cash gift, you will get the whole gift as we will not charge you one dime.

We do not collect your guests personal information!

When your family and guests visit your website, they can be assured that their private information is not being collected.

Totally Secure Webservers

We lock down our servers to prevent any spammers or hackers. The last thing you need is to have your website hacked!

We do not ask for or store any credit card data

Since we do not charge you for anything ever, there is no need for you to provide any credit card information.


What’s the Catch!

We use Amazon Services to facilitate your gift registry. There are no additional charges to you or your family and guests when purchasing gifts. The gifts cost the same as if the gifts were purchased directly through Amazon. We however, receive compensation from Amazon in the form of a small commission on each purchase. It is that simple!

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